Marketing Your eBook

Hyper Publishing Company's mission as a publisher and distributor is to be a major contributor in the develop of independent authors. Staying true to this purpose, we built a book marketing organization that is creative and sales focused! Hyper Publishing’s marketing program concentrates on building greater book sales and creating a demand for our author's books.

We divide book marketing into five critical components:

  • Book seller marketing
  • Strategic positioning
  • Platform marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Publicity

Hyper Publishing's contracting services provides all these elements for the Author's success. Hyper Publishing will work closely with your book to tie a demand to strategic positioning, platform marketing, online marketing, and sales-generating initiatives. For each book Hyper Publishing represents, we build a customized campaign that includes a thoughtful combination of these programs. 

Many times we are asked, "How do you sell so many books for your authors, and do it so quickly?" Sorry, we don't disclose our trade secrets. We've spent many years developing our unique approach to the book industry. After all, if the author is selling large quantities of books, it doesn't matter how we do it. What matters most is how well our marketing programs work for authors.

With Hyper Publishing, Authors have a powerful team partnering to create a successful book sales and marketing campaign.

Don't just wish for success with your book, allow Hyper Publishing to use our trade secrets to create a lucrative sales campaign. Only books published through our company are privileged to our unique marketing campaigns.