Why Authors Love Working With Hyper Publishing


If you're an author and want to keep more control of your work and profits, you're going to love Hyper Publishing Company's business model. Hyper Publishing focuses on working with authors to teach the inside business of the publishing industry. This means authors learn how to write a great book and make money doing it.

Authors no longer have to sign their lives away just to get their work published and out to the general public. Hyper Publishing Company's simple arrangements have revolutionized the relationships between Author and Publisher. In other words, Hyper Publishing works with Authors, not against them. This is unique in the publishing industry.

When Hyper Publishing decides to publish an author's book, that person knows exactly what is expected to make his or her book successful with careful strategies and trade secrets that sells books. Hyper Publishing Company will assist authors in creating a winning marketing campaign to ensure the best results for greater success.

Our Company At A Glance


Dr. Michael J. Duckett, Founder

Dr. Duckett started Hyper Publishing Company in 2008 after writing numerous books, selling foreign  publication rights, and securing book contracts with numerous major publishing companies. ​

Although his work was contracted with major publishers, he did not like the negative experience he had with them.

The publishers dictated what was written; required specific types of costly marketing done at his expense; and did not promote his books to the book sellers or general public. All of this resulted in minimal book sales.Type your paragraph here.

Since then, he has built Hyper Publishing Company into one of the industry's leading eBook publishers and distributors for independent authors. Hyper Publishing is committed to helping authors get their eBooks published and distributed with a powerhouse marketing approach for greater success. 

Hyper Publishing Company has represented numerous titles and is one of the fastest growing media publishing companies in the world today.

Many authors have credited their success with having their eBooks published with Hyper Publishing and benefiting from our unique marketing program that quickly sells books!Type your paragraph here.

Hyper Publishing Company is a publisher and distributor that specializes in the success and development of independent authors. Hyper Publishing's model was designed to support the independent author and make it possible for writers to retain the rights to their work and still compete with the major publishing houses. 

In addition to eBook publishing, Hyper Publishing serves the independent author by offering industry guidance, business development, and unmatched production, marketing, and distribution services.

Until you experience the Hyper Publishing difference in eBook publishing, you haven't exhausted all of your options for getting your work out to the general public.

Hyper Publishing has answers to your questions and solutions for your challenges in the vast world of publishing.​

                                                          Our Mission

           We are committed to helping authors succeed in selling books quickly.